Extended Sleep Support Package


This package is suitable for families who want support to make multiple changes to their little ones sleep at a pace that feels right for everyone in the family WITHOUT the use of sleep training! Families love this package because we have lots of time to make big changes to sleep! Some examples include, crib transition, night weaning, moving baby out of the family bed and transitioning from contact sleep to independent sleep. This program is completely customized to each family and their unique goals and timelines. Support may also be paused with this package to allow for an anticipated transition down for example moving from 2 naps to 1.

  • Introductory call 15-30 minutes to get to know each other and discuss my approach and outline your goals
  • Comprehensive Intake Assessment
  • 60 minute Education Call to go over the intake assessment and co-create the sleep plan and outline weekly goals
  • Education is customized to the unique needs of each baby and individual family
  • 4 weeks of daily (5 days per week) email check in and support. This includes nap times, bedtimes each day and support for mama (or dad) as needed!
  • Optional wrap up call, or email if you prefer, to discuss future nap transitions, travel plans, or addition of a sibling

*Evening and weekend appointments are available for the Introductory or Education calls

**Payment may be split into two, please email if this is an option you are considering