Toddler Group Sleep Support 2-4 years old


Toddlers are so fun, am I right?! They are full of passion, determination, energy, emotions and love. All of this development, independence is exciting, exhausting and overwhelming, usually for everyone!

This program is not a virtual course, it is an interactive and supportive group that will help you and your family reach your goals. Groups will consist of a maximum 5 families to ensure everyone receives the support they need.

Topics include (but not limited to)

  • Naps – do they stay, do they go, should we cap it, move the time?
  • Bedtime routine – I always hear that it takes too long, toddler is up and down often.
  • Fears – the dark, monsters, a book they read, the list is endless (spoiler alert, monster spray is not needed!)
  • Nocturnal visits – perhaps your toddler is frequenting your room during the night, or your bed and you would like to make some changes to that!
  • Big emotions – tears, tantrums we’ll talk about all of that!